Cam Newton: Deserve to be Top 10 QB

Cam Newton has took an organization with quarterback troubles into a playoff team.  He deserves a mention to be a top 10 quarterback.  Cam has a decorated college career to include a Heisman trophy and National Championship. His first game in the NFL Cam Newton threw for 422 yards completing the season with 4,051 yards.  With an upgraded offense this year, expect for the Carolina Panthers to make another run in the Playoffs.

The MVP quarterback started his career with the Florida Gators.  He was the back up quarterback for Tim Tebow, but unfortunately had a rough start to his career.  If it was not for the lesson he learned from the rough start he would not have been the person he is today.  Cam continued his career at Blinn college and ultimately became the starting quarterback for Auburn.  In his Heisman year, he went to throw for 2854 yards and rushed for over 1400 yards.  What quarterback have you heard of that has rushed for over 1400 yards in his college career! He is no stranger to the stoplight because he lead the team to a national title at the end of the year.

In 2011 Carolina drafted Cam Newton as there number 1 pick in there NFL Draft.  In his first two games he threw for over 400 yards.  Since then, he as continued to preform at a high level, with the talent or lack of talent, with the Panthers. He has not been gifted with talented wide receivers threw the years and made the best of what he could. Cam is a three time division champ and has won a MVP with Ted Ginn Jr who is not know to be a great wide receiver. As a dual threat quarterback he has rushed for over 500 yards a season while dabbing into the end zone for 54 touchdowns.  Cam can either soar threw the air with his strong arm or pound you on the ground with his running vision.

This offseason they have had a upgrade with new offensive coordinator and added depth at the wide receiver and running back position.  Norv Turner the new offensive coordinator has been credited with developing Troy Aikman who has won three Super Bowls in his career and has cemented his legacy with the Dallas Cowboys.  Carolina has acquired Torrie Smith and Jarius Wright which can make an immediate impact with the team. Devin Funchess had a good year last year and look for him this year as he continues his development. The running back position has just got interesting  with the pick up CJ Anderson and with Christian McCaffrey which can relieve the pressure at the quarterback position.

I am not saying that Cam Newton is the best quarterback in the league, but at least deserve a nod at top 10.



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